Preschool: 2017-2018 tuition

  • Red Hill Preschool (School Day) – $8,358
  • Red Hill Preschool (Full Day) – $9,534

Tuition does not include breakfast or lunch. A late pick-up fee of $5 applies for every 5 minutes after the program ends, with an additional $5 for every 5 minutes after half an hour. Tuition is prorated for students starting after 8/14/2017.

Kindergarten-12th Grade: 2017-2018 tuition

  • Elementary School (K-5) – $8,393
  • Middle School (6-8) – $8,642
  • High School (9-12) – $8,954
  • Before-School Care – $660 (6.30-7.30 am)
  • After-School Care – $1,210 (2.30-5.30 pm)
  • Combined Before and After-School Care – $1,694

When a student enrolls, payment of tuition and fees for the full school year is an unconditional obligation, and no portion of the tuition or fees will be refunded or cancelled due to absence, withdrawal, or dismissal. Tuition does not include uniforms, books, lunches or before/after school care (available for PS, Elementary & Middle School students only).

Payment Options

  • Full payment option
  • 10-month automatic deduction (FACTS) payment option
  • 10-month installment payment option
  • 11-month installment payment option

All first payments are due on or before July 1 before the school year begins for students entering K-12.  First payments are due on August 1 for students entering Preschool.

Tuition Discounts

Tuition discounts are available for voting members of First Assembly of God and families who enroll two or more children.

Tuition Insurance

Christian Academy offers a Tuition Refund Plan (TRP), which provides partial insurance coverage for financial losses incurred to families with students in grades K-12 because of withdrawal, dismissal or extended medical absences. The TRP premium is payable with the first tuition payment.

Families who choose either installment options are required to participate in the TRP. Please contact the school office for more information.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Limited financial aid is available through the generous giving of members of the First Assembly of God, fundraising efforts, and friends of Christian Academy in the community for students in grades K-12.

Christian Academy also participates in the Hawaii Department of Health Child Care Connections and Open Doors program. Visit their website for more information: