Enriching the learning environment

From sports to performing arts, worship, and community service, our students are offered a variety of opportunities to discover and use their God-given gifts and talents. Our activities provide enrichment to the total learning experience and include band, chorus, praise & worship team, dance, hula, art, journalism, media classes, and yearbook. Music Concerts, Art Festivals and Special Events also help students to gain a greater sense of their providential purpose.

Leadership Development

Leadership roles are introduced through opportunities in student government and community service. Whether participating in a debate, giving an oration, or acting as a representative for the student body, our students are challenged to develop their leadership skills.

Community service projects to care homes and hospitals foster a genuine love for others. Donating to food drives and collecting offerings for missionaries encourage a lifestyle of selflessness, sacrifice and servanthood.

Patriots Athletics

From grades 4-12, our “Patriots” are given opportunities to participate in basketball, volleyball, tennis, and canoe paddling, among others. Sportsmanship and discipline are principles we use to build Christian character.

Christian Academy is a member of several sports leagues including ILH, CSAL, and PAC-5.

For more information, please visit our official Christian Academy Athletics Website.