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Thank you to our Christian Academy parents for your support in helping our staff and students have a healthy on-campus experience. Our full COVID policies document can also be accessed here.

Christian Academy COVID-19 Policy FAQs 

What is the school’s policy on masking?
  • Masking will only be enforced for staff and students returning to school after testing positive for COVID-19
  • Masking is otherwise optional for all students, staff and visitors
What happens if my K-12 STUDENT is a close contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19?
  • You will be contacted if your child has been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 at school
  • Faculty, staff and students who are asymptomatic may return to school immediately, but should get tested on Day 5 to ensure that they did not get infected with COVID-19
  • Faculty, staff and students should not come to school if they have symptoms
What happens if my PRESCHOOL STUDENT is a close contact of someone who tests positive for COVID?
  • If exposure happens at school OR outside of school:
    • You will be contacted if your child has been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 at school
    • Notify the school immediately if your child was in close contact with someone outside CA who tested positive for COVID-19 
    • Have your child take a COVID-19 test on the 5th day after exposure
  • As long as asymptomatic, an exposed preschool student may:
    • Quarantine for five days OR
    • Return to school immediately and wear a mask for ten days
  • An exposed preschool student who quarantines may return to school without a test or medical clearance
What happens if my child is exposed to a household member who tests positive for COVID-19?
  • Please refer to Hawaii Department of Health recommendations which can be found here.
What happens if my child tests positive for COVID-19? 
  • Notify the school immediately so that we can begin contact tracing and notification 
  • Isolate for at least 5 days
  • Your child can return to school when:
    • Symptoms are resolving, AND
    • 24 hours have passed with no fever, without the person taking fever-reducing medication
  • Your child must wear a properly fitted mask around others for an additional 5 calendar days after the isolation period
  • Your child must remain out of “high-risk” extra curricular activities such as close contact sports, band, singing, etc.
Why is there a difference between Preschool and K-12 student protocols?
  • The State Department of Health and the State Department of Human Service have issued separate guidance for Preschool and K-12 Students
What kind of COVID test results will the school accept?
When will my child’s class transition to distance learning? 
  • If a decision is made by school administration for the entire school to transition to distance learning, the school will let you know 
Must my child be vaccinated if he/she is age eligible in order to attend CA? 
  • We are not mandating COVID-19 vaccinations, and we support parents’/legal guardians’ right to make the best medical decisions for their children
Are there any repercussions if my child is not vaccinated? 
  • For the purposes of attendance, there are no repercussions 
How is my child’s medical information being shared/stored? 
  • Your child’s medical information is kept confidential and securely stored  
  • Your child’s medical information is only accessible to the health aide and select administrative staff for the purposes of contact tracing  
What should I do if my family plans to travel? 
  • Submit a Leave of Absence form to the school office if your child will be absent from school while traveling 
  • Follow all government guidelines for travel

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