Christian Academy
Serving Preschool through High School with “A Mind for Truth and a Heart for God”

We are committed to educating, training, and inspiring students to have a mind for truth and a heart for God.

Christian Academy is a private Christian school which offers classes from preschool through high school. Founded in 1981 as a ministry of First Assembly of God, we seek students who will benefit from our varied programs designed to encourage maturity in spirit, mind, and body. Christian Academy’s biblical role is to work in conjunction with the home to mold students to be Christ-like.

We employ the Principle Approach®, which is America’s historic Christian method of Biblical reasoning that makes the truth of God’s character and His Word the basis of every subject.

Our Values

  1. The Bible as the only foundation for sound learning
  2. Reasoning by principles in every subject that forms the basis for a biblical worldview and life
  3. Reflective learning from diligent research, reasoning, and relating
  4. Individuality and the unique calling of every family and student
  5. Christ’s great commission to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations

Distinguishing Qualities

  • American classical history and literature
  • Education in Christian self-government
  • Biblical worldview applications
  • Writing-intensive
  • The Notebook Approach
  • College preparatory
  • Senior thesis

Our school’s history:

The Noah Plan® [and/or] The Principle Approach® are registered trademarks of the Foundation for American Christian Education.