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Serving Preschool through High School with “A Mind for Truth and a Heart for God”

The Principle Approach® is America’s historic Christian method of Biblical reasoning that makes the truth of God’s character and His word the basis of every subject.

The purpose of education, under this philosophy, is to enlighten the understanding, shape the character, form the habits of discipline, and prepare young men and women to fulfill their God-given potential.

The Principle Approach® has helped me to form my biblical worldview. It has taught me how to see things the way God views them. I feel that it has helped to build my character.
—Zachary Fu, class of 2010, Scholarship recipient at Biola University

Why we use the Principle Approach®

We use the Principle Approach® because it is the only educational model that is comprehensively Biblical in both content and methodology. The Principle Approach® starts with the Word of God and His character as the basis for understanding the origin and purpose of every subject and teaches how God has used men and nations to advance His kingdom.

The Principle Approach® is not dependent on textbooks and the ideas of men to define subjects and direct learning. Instead, students learn the “art of learning,” which builds skills of literacy, Spirit-led thinking and reasoning, expression, and logic. The Principle Approach® calls students out to take personal responsibility for their character and learn to govern themselves under God’s guidance through their conscience. This produces self-governed, God-fearing men and women ready to take up their place as citizens of the nation our founding fathers established.

Furthermore, we use the Principle Approach® because it takes a providential view of history consistent with the Scriptures. The Bible teaches that nothing occurs without God’s oversight. Individuals are created to fulfill unique destinies. Nations rise and fall at His will. When students apply Biblical reasoning, their lives will be infused with meaning and purpose. They will be compelled to serve God with all of their heart, mind, soul and strength in every area of life.

Placing biblical principles at the heart of each subject guides every aspect of our teaching and learning, including our methods, content, curriculum, discipline, design, and government in the classroom.

Principle Approach® Distinctives

  • Thinking Governmentally
  • Providential View of History
  • Individuality – Christian View of Child
  • Christian Character is Paramount
  • Conscience as Sacred Property
  • Biblical Reasoning & Worldview
  • Independent Thinking
  • Habits of Christian Scholarship
  • Life-long Love of Learning
  • Servant-hearted Leadership

Student Quotes

The Principle Approach® has caused me to think governmentally–from cause to effect, and to have a biblical worldview.
—Joshua Ko, class of 2007, graduate of  Southwestern Assemblies of God University

The Principle Approach® has taught me to view all things in the light of Scripture. It has provided me with a biblical worldview and an understanding of God’s heart in all that I learn.
—Lexi Adres, class of 2009, graduate of Biola University

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