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Our Concurrent Credit Program

Christian Academy has partnered with Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington to offer our Junior and Senior students the opportunity to earn college credit for courses they are already taking at Christian Academy.

To register for concurrent credit, students need to do the following:

Step 1: Complete this registration form and submit it the school office by September 30, 2023

Step 2: Pay $55/credit hour (this cost will be added to the student’s incidental charges on FACTS)

Step 3: Successfully complete the courses they selected for concurrent credit

That is all it takes. At the end of the school year Christian Academy will send the grades to Northwest University. At that time, Northwest University will add the grades to the student’s transcript. Learn more about Northwest Unversity’s concurrent credit program at www.northwestu.edu/concurrent.

Transcripts can be ordered from Northwest University at www.northwestu.edu/registrar.

FAQs for Students and Parents

What does concurrent credit mean?

Courses offered through the concurrent credit program are actual credit-bearing college courses, meaning the student earns college credit by satisfactorily completing the course taken at their high school.

How is this different from AP courses or Running Start courses?

AP courses prepare the student to take the AP test. The score a student receives on the exam may allow them to earn college credit. The grade in NU’s concurrent credit classes is based on the work the student completes through the year.

How do students apply for Concurrent Credit?

Students register for classes on the Northwest University website and complete this Registration Form and return it to the School Office.

Is there a registration deadline?

Yes, for the current 2023-2024 school year, students must submit their registration form to the school office by September 30, 2023 to receive concurrent credit for courses they are taking this academic school year.

How are Concurrent Credit payments handled?

The school office is responsible for collecting payment. Once students are registered, a charge for $55/credit hour will be added to the student’s incidentals account in FACTS.

How much do Concurrent Credit courses cost?

The cost to students is $55 per semester credit and most classes are three credits. Science courses with labs are four semester credits. The Senior Thesis course is 6 hours.

What classes are currently eligible for concurrent credit?

Currently, all high school students at Christian Academy can receive college credit for the following courses:

  • 3 credit hours for English Literature I
  • 3 credit hours for American Literature I
  • 3 credit hours for Bible 11/12: Understanding the Times
  • 3 credit hours for Jr. Oration
  • 3 credit hours for Sr. Thesis

Will more classes be added to the concurrent credit program?

Currently, Christian Academy offers up to 18 credit hours of concurrent credit.

What if students change their minds and want to drop the class?

Students deciding to withdraw from a class must do so officially by e-mailing the Concurrent Credit Coordinator ([email protected]) with their name, instructor, school, and class and request that they be withdrawn by May 1st, 2024 to avoid receiving a failing grade on their transcript. Please note that the high school and collegiate registrations are separate, so course withdrawals must be processed by both institutions.

NOTE: Failure to notify the CC Coordinator will mean the student will remain registered at the university or the course; should they not complete the course, a failing grade may be posted to their transcript.

How are Concurrent Credit courses recorded on student transcripts?

Northwest University records Concurrent Credit courses individually on the student’s transcript. Information includes the course code and title, semester, final grade, and grade point average.

Are Concurrent Credit courses transferrable?

Yes! Northwest University is accredited at the same level as all major universities such as the University of Washington and Washington State. Concurrent Credit courses earned at NU are transferrable to other universities in the same way as all NU courses.
HOWEVER: each university sets its own transfer policies, and some courses may not satisfy other university requirements regardless of how they were delivered. An example would be that some science courses may not transfer into another university’s science program. The issue is not the delivery mode but the course content.

How do I get a transcript from Northwest University showing my hours earned?

Transcripts can be ordered from Northwest University at https://www.northwestu.edu/registrar.

Do students have to attend Northwest University to receive the credits?

No. Students do not have to attend Northwest University to receive the credits. The credits can be transferred to any college or university the student chooses to attend.

Click here to download the registration form.